Friday, 27 May 2011

In Pictures: Installation, mural and painting work by Katharina Grosse

Gosse using a pressurised spray to paint

Graffiti artist with a firehudrant, from Crack & Shine book

Elisabeth Arkhipoff - No Soda: No Fun (2001, installation)
"Her field of research is the difficulty theses groups (New Ages, hippies, teenagers, rockers, Pop fans, fashion addicts, artists and self-managed Collectives) face from a socio-cultural context where personal discovery is often conditioned by professional success and social prestige, and Arkhipoff's work suggest a complex and exploded re-reading of our search for individuation." quoted from Postmedia.

Research: Topsafe, 2modernblog, Postmedia,

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dalston Roof Park

Just realised that this fantastic venue in Dalston has just opened again for the long hot summer! Unlike most new establishments in the Dalston area, which are to be found in the dingy and damp underground, this rooftop club is the perfect outdoor space for sunny afternoons. Not only a trendy place with great views but also a good community enterprise, with home-made barbeques on Saturdays and a vegetable garden. So low key and so right. I AM excited! Hopefully Todd Hard (of the Dalston Oxfam Bookshop) will play there again this year.

Vegetable gardens
Views of the City from the Roof Park.

This provisional MAY PROGRAMME is available for download here.
Dalston Roof Park is on the top floor of the Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, E8 3DL, and is open until September.

Tom Price at Hales Gallery

Tom Price has surprised and delighted me with a show made up of five invented characters of stunning detail. Taking the ear here and an elbow there, down to the stretched out jeans pokets, the sculptor constructs highly realistic characters in his bronze works, almost giving them life. They could easily have thoughts, jobs and private lives, it is easy for anyone with or without art knowledge to connect with them. Their poses are casual yet full of 'front', revealing their relaxed state as well as insecurities. I knew a little about his figurative sculptures before I arrived at Hales Gallery, but it turned out much better than unexpected.

Hales Gallery (Next to Tea Building, 7 Bethnal Green Road, London)

8 April - 14 May 2011