Friday, 27 August 2010

History of NOW - The Story of the Noughties!

This three part documentary was shown on BBC in January 2010 and explores trends of the last ten years. Perhaps I found this quite poignant because it's the first decade I remember clearly from start to finish, or because it is the decade of overhype, being the first of the new millenium. If you don't mind ignoring some pretty annoying flashy graphics and like the voice of the Jess from Peep Show...

Either way, if you are interested in trend-spotting this has some general and amusing observations which we may have failed to digest, this is worth seeing. Differences in culture, globalisation, the rise of China, perception of youth and countless other ways our lives are different from what they were before. Naturally, being made by BBC it is focused on a particularly British perspective. First episode is generally the most interesting with these things!

1. Growing Young
2. All Together Now
3. Hello World

Here is a clip on 'How China put Britain’s Burglars out of Business'

Another clip on 'How the Cold War Gave us Cheap Flights'

Best place to find the whole thing might be on torrentz or thebox