Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Foods That Make Billions

Brilliant but often depressing story of advertising ploys and the development of huge brands for completely uniform and low value products. The three-part series starts off with 'Liquid Gold', all about the bottled water industry of course, something which flows out of the tap for free. Admittedly, the industry is now indispensable as people got used to and rely on the convenience. However, the original brand Perrier was the first to lure the somewhat straight-laced business elite of the 1980's to order sparkling water as a drink to have when dining out. What is interesting is the level of development this programme follows, spanning several decades and the changing landscape brands evolved with. The next two episodes are on Breakfast serials and Yoghurts (to be aired on Tue 7th Dec 2010, 9pm, BBC)

BBC iPlayer links:
Liquid Gold
The Age of Plenty