Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Old Police Station - 25/03/11

Dirty Cop Friday is a monthly night at the Old Police Station, and this is the night I would to visit. A short train ride down into New Cross Gate reveals it is not a sleazy sex party but an experimental art exhibition space, possessing the true grit of the building's past.

In the main room, I have had the pleasure of collecting several wonderful photographs kindly left by the artist - Lucy Armah. So, if you are reading this - your photographs are now hanging proudly on my wall.

copyright Lucy Armah
copyright Lucy Armah
Dispersed between high tiled old cells are various artworks, although sometimes the art is drowned out by the force of the brutal spaces. Heavy metal doors, hard benches and peeping holes bring dark video art to life! The history of the building makes a fascinating tour and the narrow corridors an intimate encounter with other art dwellers.
High ceiling of one cell complete with all instruments for mental torture: Electricity plugs that are too high to reach, bright light and an easy-to-remember number to shop your mates in the neighbouring cells!
According to the engraved scribbles, someone was in this cell for two whole days back in 1999!
Through the peeping hole in a heavy door, projection of a video piece.
Curious exhibits are pinned up in glass cases. I had no idea of knowing whether this was real or orchestrated.
Green light and fragments of secret police files make an entertaining toilet trip!
Excellent characters in cells

Dirty Cop Friday was no party but certainly an experiential gallery and well worth a visit on an opening night.