Sunday, 31 July 2011

Christopher Robin The BAD

See the video walking through the second exhibition of my favourite contemporary London painter! Christopher Robin is incredibly versatile, young and virtually unknown but has come out with an incredible follow up exhibition at the beginning of July 2011. His work centres around a firm belief of abandoning the chains of traditional painting - a signature style. The resulting exhibitions become dynamic comments on a broad theme use a variety of languages to communicate with the viewer on a variety of levels.

The titles of work in order of appearance:

Look Again, Think Again - 2 canvasses making reference to the Tate Galleries - the most prominent and bureaucratic institutions in London
If you stand for nothing you'll fall for anything - Venus statue
Don't even think about it - looks like a Jeff Koons dog - reminding me of the superficial and stylistically driven ideas of the richest artist in the world
Lakenol House - not sure what the title is but I know the photograph and painting were of Lakenol House which was part of the big fire in Camberwell in 2009. Robin had a mural in one of the devastated spaces.
A culture of success puts little value on the unsuccessful - two figures playing with credit cards, sculls are made of an intricate mosaic of credit cards too. This is my favourite painting alluding to Damien Hirst's diamond sculls, contemporary poverty based on credit card debt and the wider financial crisis.

For more information:

(c) Photograph by Tamara Never Dies. Painting (c) Christopher