Friday, 12 October 2012

Nick Goss at Josh Lilley Gallery

Exhibition: Tin Drum
12th October – 23rd November
Where: Josh Lilley
44-46 Riding House Street
London W1W 7EX

Below are a couple of snapshots from last night's opening of Nick Goss' latest solo show. Goss deals with memory of different places he has stayed in, including the fragments which he remembers clearly and the figures and objects that have become blurry and uncertain over time. Many of the paintings on show had a feeling of being unfinished to invoke how a mental picture is often clear on certain details and woefully incomplete on others. Memories tend to leave only glimpses and fragments of the complete reality which took place in the past. The artist's daring was to deliberately avoid filling in the missing gaps and to show only those details which were still left in the memory at the time of painting. I am still unsure why so many of the objects in the paintings were masked off to give everything those sharp angular shapes.

More info on the artist: Nick Goss biography

Nick Goss
Back of House, 2012
Oil on three linen panels

Nick Goss
Honky-Tonk, 2012
Oil on linen